Things to do:

Creating Creatures, adding Powers and Talents is a lot of fun. Balancing them, assigning Skirmish points value like in Heroclix.

Re-arranging the tutorial sequence to design in which order concepts can be introduced.

Fine-tuning Combat, making sure a swarm of low levels have a chance to kill a high-level creature.

Core game design, turn phases, Cornucopia way to make nuggets available to Dark Lords, every 10 turns maintenance.

Rooms, what they do, how much they cost, how you build them. Are they balanced? Which is the most useless one?

16 Spells of the Dark Lords.

Architectural dungeon development, maze, tunnels, land types. How to ensure a stimulating high quality maze, dungeon-crawl style?

Interaction boost, how to motivate players to risk their creatures to invade a neighbor who installed Traps and defences?

How to keep your Creatures happy? Are some creatures too easy /difficult to keep happy?

Heroes in the Village, why should they risk their life going in the underground? Aura light points, Food, Gear. Is the loot enough attractive and plentiful?

How to introduce the right amount of Gear for the heroes and dungeon creatures?

Creature board, Gear card, Quest card ergonomic design, token, marker, best way to manage the game material.

Gate, portal, entry-exit of creatures and heroes.

Re-think, balance Bless, Blessing, Prayer

Re-think, balance Widgets

Re-think, balance Eclipses

Re-think, balance Mercenaries

Re-think, balance Gear

Victory condition fine-tuning.


Where do you feel like contributing?