Move first then Action(s) second. There are situations where one player complains another should be playing before or after in a given situation. In the map, encounters and line-of-sight are often critical in determining who shoots first. This is an initiative matter. First, determine which creatures are involved. The contender with the best Speed has the option to move first her /his fast Creatures. For example, an Imp at Speed 9 could get intercepted by the Poisonbreath21 of a Lindworm Speed 5. Even though the Imp is faster, the Poisonbreath21 is a Range Talent which offers targets of opportunity, even though with an Initiative of only #5. The Imp will get targeted by the Lindworm.

Exemple: Initiative Creature priority

When in doubt about who can move before who, or who can play before who, a mini-auction “Initiative contest” between the contenders is run. When the contention involves Creatures on the ground, like big fights, this is not about whether a player can play before another. This is about the individual initiative of each creature. The rule is ”faster creatures play before slower ones”. The Speed of the involved creature determines a ranking in Initiative priority. So, a group of 5 fast creatures could play before a group of 10 slow creatures. All the creatures with Speed 18 move. Then all with Speed 17. Then 16. Etc. This is only in the case there is contention. In the other cases, each creature moves at the same time as the others, like when you move your Imps in your rear guard dungeon. The turn ends when all creatures had the chance to move and perform actions. Faster creatures move before slower ones. For example, in a contentious area, player #S moves her creature Fairy (normally Speed 5) dragging a corpse (cannot fly or climb while dragging corpse) by 2 sub-tiles, in order to save the body for future resurrection. Then player #R moves a Minotaur (Speed 4) and fights. At the same initiative Speed 4, #S moves a Righteous Thief (L3 . 12G. 5F . S4 . 6T) by 4 sub-tiles. Then #R moves a Goblin (Speed 3) by 1 sub-tile in Water. Etc.

At day 3, turn 11, the night falls. Player #S (red) summons Crimson L9 aside the Imp L1 on the top left corner. Player #T (blue) watches whether red will go on the right toward blue territory. Player #R (yellow), currently having flagged the Black Well, has there a Dark Lord avatar representing a Vampire L4 and a Steed L4.

The yellow Steed has Speed 7 +1 because it is night +1 because yellow has the big skull (he is the most recent undead recruiter) + 2 because it is L4 (2 more levels than the base) = 11, thus moves first. Yellow let go the Initiative #11, do not move yet. The Imp has Speed 9. Crimson has Speed 7.


At initiative #9, Red moves the Imp on the right, 2 more Wood bridges, then goes inside the blue territory starting with the Guard Room, then South. During the trip, Blue reveals his Cannon Trap, pays 3D$, fires its Trap Cannon (revealed as Copper version) at the pesky Red Imp, just 2 sub-tiles South of the Guard Post, because of Line-of-sight. 1d10, -1 because target is 1 tile away. Roll 1-1=0 which is < 1, Defence of the Imp. The shot misses. Supposing the Roll was 3-1=2 which is >= 1, Defence of the Imp. The Red Imp would have died. Anyway, the Imp survives the shot and continues its travel. The Imp has to stop at the right side of the face-down token. It is revealed, a neutral Hellhound.

The Imp chooses either to face the Hellhound in a fight, either to tame the Hellhound (see further below the simulation). There is a fight. The Hellhound L1 rolls 4d4 + 2 Light Green. The Imp, weakling, rolls 1d4 + 2 Light Green. The neutral Hellhound, played by yellow, the player on the right of red, rolls 4 dice, but the Imp only 1 die. So, a Hellhound die must be pre-assigned to the Imp die. Hellhound rolls 3/1d4. Imp rolls 4/1d4. The Imp scores a Hit Success, un-blocked. The Hellhound will die at the end of round #1 within the Initiative #9. Because the Imp rolled the maximum of the d4, “4”, it is rolling an extra die, a d6, in the next step of the round #1. Simultaneously, the Hellhound rolls a second d4 facing the new d6 of the Imp. 2/1d4 vs 2/1d6, blocked. The Hellhound then rolls its last 2d4. “1, 1” which hit, un-blocked. The Imp also dies. End of the Imp action.

Next action. By default, in general, if nobody expresses any wish to play first, players play simultaneously. Here, Red wants to move again first. We are at Initiative #9. The Steed, with Initiative #11 could move but decides to stay put. Then Initiative #8, nobody moves. Initiative #7. Red decides to move Crimson to the South of the Wood Bridge. The South token, in the Water Tile, is then revealed. It is a Fixture Trap Mushroom L2. Because it is neutral, it is a Copper version. It yells, thus slowing Crimson to Speed 4, but Crimson smashes it promptly, thus cancelling the slowing effect. Crimson rolled 4d36, all >=1, the Defence of the Mushroom. All 4 hit, dealing 4x2=8 LP damage to the Mushroom (Crimson hits count for 2) which has only 2 LP.

Currently Initiative #7, Red has moved and processed the Imp and Crimson. Blue has shot his Cannon. Let’s see the next action. Supposing the Imp tamed the “Hellhound . L1 . 2G . 2F . S4 . 1T . 3P” instead of fighting it, by paying 2G and 2F, the Hellhound acquires the Red flag but is Lairless, Bored, Bathless. The Hellhound just appeared at this step of the action, Initiative #7, so it could participate in the action but only at Initiative #4 because its Speed is 4.

Blue does not want or cannot play anything in this situation, because his Cannon Trap already shot this turn. At Initiative #5, Yellow has the Vampire (Speed 5) (Avatar token) walking on the left, to ride the Steed as a mount. The Steed could shoot Crimson Eyes Talent at Crimson, but would hit only on a 9 or 10/d10 and would need 3 Hit Successes to score 1 LP damage. So, the Steed does not do anything.

Players finish the actions concerning their other creatures. End of the turn #11, day 3.


Then the next turn starts, day 3, turn 12. In this contentious area, at Initiative #11, the Steed could act. But doesn’t. The Red Imp could act at Initiative #9 but doesn’t. At Initiative #7, Red moves Crimson again. Crimson has now Speed 2 because on a Water sub-tile, where the Mushroom Trap was located. Crimson reaches the edge of the Black Well, thus revealing the token on the right, a neutral Fixture Trap Manikin.

A fight ensues. Crimson rolls 4d36 and 18 points of Handicap Dice. The Manikin (Copper version), which behaves like a grounded Troll L3, rolls 4d12 + 6 Handicap points, that is 2 red dice. The Manikin L5 (normally 1 in Defence, 5 LP but here it is like a Troll, 3 in Defence, 3 LP) is played by player yellow, because Yellow sits on the right side of Red. Crimson rolls 4d36 “12, 8, 20, 18”. Troll rolls 1, 2, 7, 12. Troll, the weaker creature, re-arranges which die faces which, and thus has its 12 facing the Crimson’s 12. It leaves 8>2, 20>7, 18>1, that is 3 Hit Successes, which amount to 6 LP because Crimson’s hits count for 2 LP each. The troll is smashed on the spot. Crimson neither gets XP nor anybody gets a Vampire card because the Troll was a Trap, not a real creature. Because the Troll rolled 12/1d12, he rolls an extra d14, 1d14=9 which is >=9, the Defence of Crimson. 1 Hit Success on Crimson, who now has 8 LP.

Crimson finished the Initiative #7, “step 1” of the action sequence. The Manikin is just flat broken on the floor, not an obstacle anymore.

Next action. The Red Imp could act since Initiative #9 but doesn’t. Initiative #6. Initiative #5. Initiative #4. The Hellhound (Speed 4), tamed and now controlled by Red, runs South to meet the Vampire, who is on the Steed mount now. There is a quick fight between the Steed and the Hellhound, who dies, granting the Steed 1 XP and Red 1 Vampire card. Red loses 1 G. Crimson and the Hellhound both did their action.

Initiative #4. Now the Imp could go South to try to pick up the Hellhound corpse but the Vampire, Steed and even the Cricket could kill the Imp, so the Imp decides to go back home, turning West back to a Wood Bridge, to avoid the shooting of Blue Cannon.

In this day 3, turn 12, Initiative #4, Yellow and Blue could do some actions. Blue has a Cannon on the top right corner having line-of-sight with the Black Well surrounding, including the Imp+Hellhound and Crimson, Manikin, Steed, Vampire. However, now the Imp+Hellhound and Manikin are gone and Crimson is directly in range. Blue shoots his Cannon, 1 tile distant penalty, that is 1d10-1, cannot easily reach 9, the Defence of Crimson. The shot costs 3G and was only a symbolic action, to signify Blue is rich and will do everything to express disapproval at the arrival of Crimson here.

Since Initiative #5, Yellow can activate his Vampire. At Initiative #4, he has the Vampire cast the Talent Slow against Crimson. 1 Hit Success is enough to slow Crimson to Speed 1, up to t10.